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Sanborn Canoe

  • $ 95.00

Made to order (6-8 wks)

The Minnewashta paddle is constructed of cedar and aspen with a fiberglass wrapped blade, the beautiful cedar grain on the blade gives this handcrafted straight shaft it's unique charm. It's finished nicely with an epoxy coat topped with a heavy varnish protective layer.

Straight Shaft
Wood: Western Red Cedar & Aspen
Finish: Blade is Fiberglassed
           Shaft and blade are epoxied and varnished
           Grip is bare

Avg. Weight: 24-25oz
Blade Dimensions: 7.5" x 21.5"

Paddle Durability:
Wilderness Class IIThe paddles in this class are destined to be paddled deep into canoe country on extended wilderness canoe trips. Each is a combination of Western Red Cedar with various hardwoods added for extra strength and durability. Each shaft is edged in hardwood to protect against damage from rubbing along the gunwales. The blades are reinforced with fiber-glass and attached with an epoxy blade tip to ward off inadvertent rock swipes. In other words, these are on the top shelf in our library, filed under durable.

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