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Sanborn Canoe

  • $ 180.00

The Tettegouche paddle's beavertail blade is perfect for calm water or gale force winds. It's long tapered grip is beautifully balanced, and is a welcome companion for a hearty excursion.

Colors: Red, Luminous Green, Turquoise & Tangerine 
Wood: Cherry (Laminated)
Finish: Wood has an oil finish / Paint is finished with a SPAR Polyurethane 
Avg. Weight: 25oz.
Blade Dimensions: 6.5" x 26"
Length: 60"

Paddle Durability:
Wilderness Class I: The defining feature of this class is that all the paddles are extremely lightweight. Every paddle in this class is made entirely of Western Red Cedar. Each blade is fiber-glassed and attached with an epoxy blade tip to ward off inadvertent rock swipes. While these are cream-of-the-crop in the weight department, they are mid-level wilderness paddles as far as durability goes. While hearty enough for any wilderness trip, some care while prying/twisting on rocks is recommended. And cedar is a soft wood so keep rubbing along the gunwales to a minimum. The moral of the story is this - lightweight and quite durable, but some care while paddling is required.

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